The team at Idol Minds have been creating games since the early days, when we wrote them in assembly language, bathed in the green glow of our monochrome monitors.

Since then, our passion for crafting great games has inspired us through more than 20 successful years, building dozens of games, on multiple platforms, cementing our reputation as architects of fun!

Along the way, millions of players have shredded the slopes in CoolBoarders.  Millions more have catapulted their favorite pop icons into bone-crushing collisions in the PlayStation 3 hit PAIN.

Whatever the platform, whatever the business model, whatever the challenge - Idol Minds has always built success by crafting high quality, immersive and fun products that our audiences love.

We are currently hard at work on multiple mobile titles including a thrilling space combat game based on the Honor Harrington novels by David Weber.

We are hiring for artists, designers and programmers.  If you're interested, please jump to our career page.

Below is a selection of recent titles.



Go Beyond Match-3 with our first mobile title... 

Click for the website 


Ratchet and Clank Collection PS3 PlayStation Game

Ratchet and Clank Collection earns

Best Remake of 2012 from G4 TV!


Available now on the PSN!

Pain PS3 Playstation Store Game

Check out our hit PSN title PAIN, for the PlayStation 3. 



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