Shutterbug Press Kit


Game:                 Shutterbug

Kickstarter:        Campaign runs Aug 10th - Sept 10th

Fundraising:      $400,000 required to create game

Platform:            Windows PC and Mac

Release:            Spring 2016

Genre:                Hidden Object, Collection, Photography

Developer:         Idol Minds


Kickstarter Page:

Kickstarter Video:            Kickstarter video

 Playable Build: Contact us for a playable build


PR Contact:         Mary Longshore


One Paragraph Description

Shutterbug is a brand new nature photography game where you  discover, photograph and collect hundreds of insects and animals.  You're on a macro safari in a lush tropical world of butterflies, tree frogs and turtles. Armed only with your camera and your instincts, you're on a quest to take award-winning photographs of rare creatures.


Key Points

- Shutterbug is a hidden object and collecting game for casual gamers and families. 

- It's a spiritual successor to Pokemon Snap, from the Nintendo 64 game system.

- The game will be available for Windows PC and Macintosh.

- The game is exceptionally beautiful, with lush graphics and stunningly animated creatures.

- Players control a camera, looking around the rain forest, taking pictures of the creatures they find.

- Idol Minds is a very experienced and well respected game development studio.

- The Kickstarter campaign starts Monday, August 10th and runs through September 8th.


All images taken from the working prototype. Click on an image to view the full version and download it.



Macro Photography -

There is a radiant and beautiful world at our feet, which we barely notice.  In Shutterbug, you become a macro photographer.  You'll see this majestically tiny world for yourself and capture it on film.


Discover - 

You're on a macro safari in a lush tropical land. Your camera viewfinder is your window into this gorgeous world.  Drifting along, on a path already chosen for you, you're not controlling a game character, instead you're controlling where you look.  Zooming in and out, you carefully scan for the animals and insects you're hunting.

·        The game launches with six environments, from the jungles of Mexico, to the base of the Alps.  

·        We'll take you to the most stunningly gorgeous locations, never before seen in a game.

·        The creatures you're photographing range from the common to the very rare.  In special circumstances, you'll even encounter the fantastical, like faeries, nymphs and leprechauns.

·        There are hundreds of animals, insects and plants for you to find.


Photograph -

When you're on safari, you're looking through your camera the whole time.  The controls are simple - by moving the mouse, you look around.  You start with a basic camera, but quickly gain the ability to zoom, adjust the depth of field and affect the lighting. You'll never stop moving, so you must have quick reactions, both to find, frame and shoot the picture.

·        As you progress through the game, you'll earn additional abilities that help you take more interesting pictures.  You'll gain a zoom lens.  You'll be able to adjust the depth of field (f- stop). You'll be able to add an LED flash to your camera and adjust the lighting. 

·        Your camera has a memory card and that limits how long each safari will be.

·        The game is made up of levels.  At the start of each one, you're given a list of creatures that  you must find and photograph.  It will take multiple trips through each level to find everything you need.  Get them all and the next level will unlock.

·        At the end of a trip, you see all the pictures you took.  You can select one picture for each creature you found and that picture is given a score.

·        The score is based on the following:

o   Composition - using the rule of thirds, we'll evaluate the photograph and award points based on where creatures fall along the interest points.

o   Quantity - if you can capture multiple subjects in the image, you'll get a point boost.

o   Distance - points are earned based on how close the subject is to the lens.  The closer it is, the higher the points.

o   Rarity - the rarity of the subjects you're shooting.  If it's a common Monarch butterfly, then you won't get much, but if you've caught a shot of the very rare Fiji Tree Frog, then your score will shoot through the roof.

o   Bonus - you earn bonus points based on things like what animation the creature is playing - if you're caught something unusual, you'll get points.  The game will also set up funny and unique moments, catch one of those for extra points as well.

o   Gear - as you upgrade your camera, lenses and filters, they will help you generate a higher score.

·        As you progress through the game, the requirements to finish a level will evolve. You may only need to shoot a picture of a common box turtle, but the score of that picture has to be greater than 10,000.  Suddenly this is a challenge - you have to shoot a good picture - but don't worry, we'll help you understand how to take better pictures as you play the game.

·        Actually, that's a hidden benefit to playing this game – players will become better photographers in real life.  


Collect -

At its heart, Shutterbug is a hidden object game.  There are hundreds of creatures to find.  Can you discover them all? 

·        Take a picture worth enough points, and you'll "capture" that creature and bring it back home with you.

·        Back home, you have your own personal Butterfly Pavilion.  It starts out as a small greenhouse and you can upgrade it all the way to a botanical garden.

·        As you capture plants, animals and insects, they start to populate and fill up your Pavilion.

·        At any time, you can go visit your pavilion and interact with your collection.

·        For fans of collection games, this ability to both view and interact with their collection is a big draw.


Share -

Share your award-winning photographs with the community and your friends. Upload them into galleries where they can be liked.  We have several stretch goals in our Kickstarter campaign that relate to Social features in the game.  We would like to reward players for receiving Likes of their photos, we'd like to have weekly live events where players compete to have the highest scoring photos of specific creatures and we'd like players to be able to share their creatures and pavilion decorations.

If you have more questions you'd like answered, please don't hesitate to ask.  

Contact Mary Longshore at

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Studio information

 Idol Minds was founded 18 years ago by Mark Lyons. Previously, Mark was a lead programmer for Sony where he created games for the launch of the PlayStation 1.

The studio is located in Westminster, Colorado, which is near Denver and Boulder.

The first major game for the studio was the breakout hit Cool Boarders 3, which was a snowboarding game on the PlayStation 1.

Another hit game was PAIN for the PlayStation 3. PAIN is comedy and chaos for the modern age.  Load your character into a gigantic slingshot, fling him into a busy downtown metropolis and earn a high score based on how much destruction you cause and how much pain you endure.  A wide range of celebrities signed up to be characters in PAIN, including David Hasselhoff, George Takei and others.

Idol Minds has always been a smaller game development company, averaging 20-30 people and preferring to focus on technically challenging work and crafting fun games.

The last two titles released by Idol Minds were mobile games and both were featured or promoted by Apple and Google multiple times (Tales of Honor and Qube Kingdom).

Our recent publishing partners are DeNA, Capcom and a Chinese company ZQGame.  Historically, Idol Minds has worked with Sony, Activision and THQ.