Idol Minds: Architects of Fun!

Our passion for crafting great games has inspired us through more than seventeen successful years.  We've built over a dozen games, on multiple platforms and cemented our reputation as architects of fun. Whatever the platform, whatever the revenue model, whatever the challenge - Idol Minds has always built success by crafting high quality, immersive and fun games that audiences love.

Studio Info

  • Founded in 1997
  • Located in Westminster, Colorado USA
  • 14 games released
  • PS1, PS2, PS3, VITA, iOS and Android
  • Last 2 games Featured by Apple and Android
  • Experienced Games as a Service developer

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Hear it for yourself

A great place to hone your skills and learn from some of the best, while working on fun games with fun people!
— Justin

I would consider Idol Minds a hostile work environment. I’ve been threatened with a foam axe and had a Nerf dart land in my coffee more than once.
— Jonathan

The people are alright, the projects are neat I guess. Its the fully stocked kitchen that gets me excited... and don’t even think about taking the Twix bars - those have been claimed.
— Nick